Bluetooth module for alexmos brushless controller and ios/iphone/ipad

Can this alexmos bluetooth module be used with ios (Apple) devices ? Or is there a version for ios / iphone / ipad devices?

Many thanks



I dont use any ios devices so personaly I cant comment if this bluetooth module is compatible. The bluetooth module itself will be able to connect your your ios device, but I am not sure if there is an app that you can use.

I do know of the rebotnix bluetooth module/app that you can download from the itunes store but I think that they limit the app to only work with their bluetooth module that costs about 149 Euros :moneybag: which is rather allot to pay for a bluetooth module / app. For that price you could buy an old android phone and the bluetooth module to use the android app! Here is a video of the rebotnix app in action if you are considering it.