Blank screen after flashing EU firmware Taranis

Just flashed Eu firmware to my Taranis TX with custom splash screen, now when I turn on lose screen. It flickers on then goes blank, however when I boot into bootloader mode screen works fine?!

Any ideas? Tried old backup and new EU FW…opentx_X9DP_mode2_EU

Are you sure the splash screen image you used is the correct size and format? Otherwise what you might want to try is to first reflash the firmware with stock settings and default splash screen, then make sure its all working first, then alter the splash screen.

Possibly during your firmware update something went wrong so the firmware is corrupt, but the bootloader firmware is still working fine fortunately so you should be able to flash the openTX firmware again.

Thanks Alex. I flashed the old fw and working normal again. If I update the fw with open tx that’s where the problem occurs and I get a bad eprom message.
Just trying to bind my gt2 200 to the x4r I purchased from you.

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Happy to hear it’s all working again :thumbsup:

Hi. The tx is working with old int fw so I might put the int fw on the x4r.