Getting taranis x9d plus to flash your x8r

Recently purchased new taranis and x8r set and I had trouble binding it, i have a European x8r and the taranis is dated 14 05 2016 with UK 02 sticker inside

To get the rx to bind I used my controller to flash international software to it rather than open tx update

U simply remove the sd card from within the battery tray then download the eu/international firmware for the x8r to your pc
then drop your downloads into the firmware folder on sd card
insert the sd card back into controller navigate the menu to the sd card open the firmware folder and select firmware and press enter and flash to external device
by making a lead to plug from taranis to x8r and plugging it into the back of your taranis

Lead setup and how to plug into taranis pins see attached image for wire pic
Taranis side X8r side
Pin1 > unused < pin closest to arial
Pin2 > unused
Positive > negative
Negative > positive
Signal > signal < pin closest to battery

There is a video on YouTube showing you how to build the lead and how to do it also copy of the x8r firmware


Thanks for sharing a useful guide :slight_smile: I wrote a similar one here on how to update your FRsky receiver but did not have any video which is awlways helpful.

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