Binding Blade 350QX with DX6i

Managed to bind but end up with a fast clicking noise. Followed instructions in manual to get rid which means moving aileron and elevator trims. Works but when try to take off the quad turns clockwise and falls over. It seems obvious to me that it woul but that’s what the manual says to do
I get all the flight modes LEDs.
This is the original model upgraded to V2. I have bound it with a DX7s and it works fine
Any help greatly appreciated.

We currently dont sell any Blade 350QX quadcopters so are abit unfamialr with them when compared to other systems. Coudl you provide me with some links to the manual and also some photos/videos showing what you are doing so I will see if I can help.

When you hear the clicking noise, is that on your DX6i? Also why are you using a DX6 instead of DX7?

Thanks for reply
Now sorted