assemble drones using APM

Hi. I tried to make a drone using APM, but after doing calibration and try to fly, some motor does not want to spin. I try to re-calibrate. but still some of the motor does not want to spin. how the solution should i do. ​​??

You are not giving us much to work with here🤔
Can I suggest you follow one of the many good series on setting up APM flight controllers on YouTube and forums such as this.
If you still have problems you will be in a better position to ask for detailed help
Good luck🙂
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

PAINLESS360 is a good place to start on Youtube
He has a series on APM and his pace is slow which suits newbies
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

i will try it … thanks a lot … :grin:

I’ve closed this topic, if you need more help please start a fresh one
Steve :slight_smile: