Any way to get more than 3 Flight modes? cc3d Revo

Afternoon all

I am running my Revo with a FlySky i6X transmitter. SwC is a 3 position switch set in LibrePilot for my flight modes, but is there any way to get additional flightmodes using the other switches?

My current setup is:
Pos1: Stabilized
Pos2: Stabilized + Altitude-Vario
Pos3: Acro

I’d like to maybe use SwB to be a Return-home/auto-land feature (which i could set as failsafe option too) but i’m not sure how to do this.

Anyone else been able to unlock more flightmodes with just a 3 position switch?

You will need to set the other switch that you want as another Channel in your Radio.
If you want to modify your Radio that you have 10 Channels instead of 6 you will need to upload a mod to it.
Just Google “10 CChannel Mod FS I6X”.

I think my i6X already has this from factory, i can select a channel assignment for each switch, and channel 9-10 being vra or vrb (which i have disabled).

So than you can choose the switch that you want to use, look up the Channel of it and use this channel in LibrePilot to assign a function like RTH to it.

Any idea how i would do this? Seems i can only apply this to the 3-pos flight mode switch :frowning:

Switch C+D
D as master, C as slave