Any tips/guide/docs re iflight o3 heatsink?

Order Number: 693949
Product Name: Iflight O3 Heatsink
Brand: iFlight RC
Is there any guide/manual/docs re fitting the iFlight heatsink to the DJI O3 air unit? Either from iFlight or anyone else?

I’ve removed the top part of the air unit, replaced the biggest area of goo with shim and paste so it all sits together nicely, but the screws seem to be way too long… so wondering if I’ve received the wrong screws or missed something about the intended assembly process?
I’ve googled and youtubed and only really found product listings and advice to use a heatsink…

There is no official documentation on this largely because doing this technically voids any warranty on the unit.

Basically you just need to remove the stock bottom plate and replace with the new heatsync, if necessary you may need to add some more thermal paste to ensure heat transfer to the new metal heatsync (and pc /cpu thermal compound will do)

But you just need to be patient and carefull, using a heatgun/hairdryer to warm it up will also make it easier to remove the bottom of the air unit.

I can separate them by separating the top PCB and top lid using my fingernail on the PCB (at one of the corners). Keep applying light pressure… Wait for 30 seconds, and it will gradually separate without any damage.

Hope that helps!

Hi Alex,
Yeah I managed all that, but putting it back together the screws that came with the heatsink seem way too long, so I’m wondering if I’ve received the wrong screws or missed something about re-assembling it?

I do believe they screws are extra long as Iflight use this heatsync on some of their BNF drones so it can be screwed in through the carbon.

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