An app store for robots and drones

Hey eveyone!

I’d like to introduce the work we’ve been doing over the last months at Erle Robotics pushing an app store for robots and drones based on our Linux autopilot, Erle-Brain.

The store was born through a partnership with Canonical and the Open Source Robotics Foundation (the guys behind ROS) and nowadays has many hardware partners that will push Ubuntu Core to totally new level. The app store for drones is starting to get filled with drone apps that allow from simple take-off-and-landing behaviors to more complex ones such as face recognition or color segmentation with onboard cameras.

Everyone agrees that developing robotic applications is a difficult task. Brian (CEO of the OSRF) introduced ROS as the LAMP stack for Robotics.

In a few years ROS has changed the robotics field. It has unified Universities and industries around the world, enhanced collaboration, sharing of algorithms and reuse of code. A task that traditionally could take months can be developed within days using ROS. We are true believers of this framework and its possibilities for the future of robotics thereby adopting it as an SDK for an “app store” seems the right choice for us at Erle.

For those wishing to jump into the store and are involved i academia, make sure to check our program dronEDU where we offer discounts.