All in One Pro (AIOP) RCTimer Crius

I’d like to start a Topic on the AIOP board.

Does anyone have experience of the All in One Pro (AIOP) RCTimer Crius board?

For example, mine seems to come with pre-loaded code. I have no idea what code that might be - any ideas?


We sell the board and have experience using it so if you have any questions please ask away and I will try to answer.

We also wrote a getting started guide for it too if you want to use the arducopter firmware on it - AIOP with megapirates guide

Otherwise out of the box it comes with one of the latest multiwii firmware versions pre-installed.

Many thanks. You say it comes with MultWii pre-installed. That’s really useful.
Following your comment, I’ve since loaded the MultiWii GUI onto my windows PC and used that to try to look at the AIOP.
However, I can’t get past the first hurdle - I get an error saying “please check you have the right com port”. But the com port is right (COM7) and I’ve changed the baud rate to every setting in the GUI program, but no success at all.

Did you purchase the AIOP from us? If from someone else I cant confirm that multiwii is pre-installed. However if having problems I suggest that you just load the latest version of either megapirates or multiwii again via arduino as that should solve any issues.

Yes, I did buy it from you (unmannedtech). I also bought the GPS and bluetooth add on boards, but haven’t got that far yet.
I’ll do as you suggest and start from scratch, reloading Multiwii or Megapirates

I’ve making progress about as fast as a snail on crutches in quicksand.
So far, I’ve managed to get my mind around the #define settings and upload the Megapirates software to the AIOP board (Arducopter V3.1.5 MPNG-R2).
I’ve also managed to get the APM Planner v2.0.14 software running and communicating with the AIOP board.
However, it’s not all working at all. I haven’t got any readings from the MPU at all.
In APM Planner, under Terminal, when I enter “Test”, “ins” I get the response
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
Failed to boot MPU6000 5 times
PANIC: failed to boot MPU6000 5 times"

When I select “Test”, “gps” I just get a series of dots

When I select “Test”, “compass” I get “Compass Initialisation failed!”

When I select “Test”, “baro” I get “barometer calibration complete” then readings of “Alt: 0.00m, Raw: 1441706. Temperature: -2601.4” repetitively.

Any ideas - especially with the MPU error?