Aliencopter Swift 3 Axis Gyro Stabilizer Gimbal

Hello.I am Angie from HongKong AlienCopter Technology Co., Ltd. Bring you an interesting product.
Aliencopter Swift 3 axis Gimbal System
Amazing for professional photographers.
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We have five advantages compare with Dji Ronin.

  1. Aliencopter Swift Gimbal just needs common NP Lithium batteries. The Suitable battery models are NP-F550 (1h), NP-750(3hrs) and NP-970(5hrs). They are easy to buy and the power of battery can support the cradle head, joystick, monitor and all the devices in working processes. But Dji Ronin needs standard 4S Ronin Battery.
  2. The weight of our AlienCopter Swift is 2.5kg. Obviously, one man can operate it with a long time. But you know Dji Ronin is 4.2 Kg.
  3. Our Aliencopter Swift has a grounding bracket it can be placed on the garound in one second if the Photographer needs a good shooting angle.
  4. We can send you a free 7 inch display screen for one piece
  5. The biggest advantage is that the price is half of Dji ronin. The cost you buy 1 set Dji ronin can buy 2 sets our AlienCopter Swift. It’s an attractive price for you.
    We have our own factory, studio and engineer team. The products are independently designed and developed. We produce drone, gimbal and ground station. We accept OEM and ODM orders. Now we are finding distributers all over the world.

    Name: Angie
    Phone: 086 15013459817