Airbot Omibus F4 V6 Wiring w/ PDB & Independent ESCs?

Hey all. First post here. Looking for some guidance for wiring up an Omnibus F4 V6. I’m pretty new to the drone world, this is the second I’ve built. I was planning on using my existing PDB that I was using with my SPracing F3 but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a new 4 in 1 esc blheli_32. I spent a few hours searching for a way to make these two compatible but I just am not getting any signal to the escs. Escs have power from the PDB but not responsive. I tried to use the RX4 bridge to enable the 4 independent signal wires as well but no luck.

Don’t normally post with questions like this but I can’t find any installation material with the configuration that I have and want to run so sorry if this is a redundant post.

so r u using a 4 in 1 or not. i assume the signal wire are connected to omnibus!

No, I wasn’t using a 4 in 1. Figure it out though. All I needed to do was attach the signal wire for each ESC to the top pins WITHOUT bridging RX4 and it worked.