Airbot Ori32 to Omnibus F4 Nano V7 wiring

First time on this site so apologies if posting in the wrong area, or have too many questions for the one post.

My gear:

  • 4S LiPo connected directly to Ori32
  • Airbot Ori32 4in1 BLHeli ESC
  • Airbot Omnibus F4 Nano V7
  • Motors: Samguk WU 2206 - 2400kV

I am trying to wire an Ori32 4in1 ESC to a Omnibus F4 Nano v7 and am stuck making the connections as the documentation is not clear.
I have a few questions - If somebody can answer all or some of these questions, I would appreciate it.

  1. Ori32 has the following pads for each of the 4 x motors: BT, 3V, SWC and SWD.
    After doing some online research, it appears SWC is ESC Telemetry so can somebody confirm that SWC for M1 will connect to TLM (S1) and so on ?
  2. SWD - what is this signal ?
  3. BT - what is this signal ?
  4. To flash ESC via FC pass through, is this process done over the dshot protocol ? If so, which connection and protocol is this process done through ?
  5. on each corner of the Omnibus F4 FC there are two pads for each of the 4 x motors (Sx and TLM). What is the correct way of wiring the telemetry for the motors, via the J1 connector where it appears all TLM signals are connected in parallel, or via each of the 4 x pads ?

Any advice is appreciated.