Airbot f4 inav hardware issue

Hi all, I bought an airbus f4 from unmanned tech to use on inav however it doesn’t allow me to edit any ports in the ports tab or configuration tab because when I save and reboot the fc it says in the log “you need to upgrade your firmware”. I have airbot f4 firmware installed on the fc, is it just a faulty device? cheers.

Which version of the airbot F4 are you using? Most people use the omnibus F4 from airbot with Inav since it has extra pins to use with a GPS / Compass, so might be worth checking which one you have.

But if Inav is saying you need to update the firmware, then by the sounds of it, you have not installed the latest firmware onto your FC.

I have the streak f4

My suggestion would be to update the firmware to.the latest version of inav firmware again, as the message you are getting is because the firmware on your FC is out of date apparently… also have you double check that you are not loading betaflight firmware onto the FC?

For reference here is the pinout:

Sorry but IMHO I think this image shows LED Strip connection incorrectly
It should be above the buzzer connections (top left corner) not at PWM 5
see image below
Cheers Steve :slight_smile:

To be honest there are so many versions/updates of the airbot/omnibus boards its hard to keep up!

@elyon can you share a photo of the board you have and we can help abit more and provide the correct info for you.