Accurate 3D models with just a quadcopter and a gopro camera

Autodesk have recently made a video advert for their 3D reality capture software (ReCap 360). The cool thing is that they support the gopro camera (which I found causes funky effects with the fisheye lens), but it should not be a problem with Recap 360 (I will need to test this)

In their video they use a DJI Phantom with a gopro camera attached (no gimbal is used). You just set your gopro camera to time-lapse photo mode and fly around the object for abit. Then you upload all the photos from your quadcopter flight to the Recap 360 servers that will return a nice 3D model for you, both the point cloud and textured model! I do think that if you are using a gimbal with your quadcopter you will get better results though.

  1. Set the Go Pro Camera to time-lapse photo mode
  2. Fly around the object to get pictures from different angles (every 5-10 degrees).
  3. Select the best photos (up to 250)
  4. Upload the photos to Recap360
  5. Download your model!

That’s really impressive!
And it seems so easy to create accurate modelizations…

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: