Mobile phone 3D scanner - and next on your quadrotor

The guys from ETH (designers of Pixhawk/PX4) have been working on 3D reconstruction methods using your smartphone. Right now it just works on the ground but there are plans to use it onboard your quadcopter to create aerial 3D maps in real time!

To reconstruct an object, the user takes a number of images from different viewpoints around the object and the 3D points will be rendered as they have been measured over multiple images, iteratively building the complete 3D model. Use cases include culturage heritage (like the objects shown in the video), building 3D photos / statuettes of your family or even reconstructing a couch (or a heating system) to see the if the furniture fits your living room or the heating appliance fits your basement. 3D reconstructions will become as usual as 2D pictures are today.

Read more at ETH computer vision and geometry group website