3D Mapping Software

Hi, I’ve looked at the various interesting 3D mapping programs/ solutions covered on this forum, and have also researched the net and come up with plenty of others, but just wondered if anyone could recommend any particular program(s) above others? I’m looking for high accuracy and and decent quality to study (often subtle) contours/ water movements for an upcoming project in Madagascar I have later this year. Any thoughts greatly appreciated…!


Pix 4d or Agisoft photoscan are really good at contour mapping DEMs orthophotos etc. These programs are nearly on par with Lidar imo.

Photoscan have a demo to play with. Agisoft Metashape: Agisoft Metashape

Thanks I’ll have a look at the demo, hoping the standard version of Agisoft gives me what I need!!

If you have had a look you have probably come across dronemapper. I have not used it recently, but I tried it during the beta and it worked really well, its cloud based which is nice and not so nice, but pricing is quite reasonable depending how many maps you need.

I mainly mess around with the free stuff (but have not done so recently) but I remember hypr3D was quite cool as well, although don’t think it will be accurate enough for you.

But I think for now you should go with Jim’s suggestion as they are the main guys in the mapping area.