72ch, pit mode, 8 power levels video transmitter

Currently we designed a VTX with 8 power levels, 72ch with pit mode.

We just finished the design of this VTX, and we’re testing its performance.
We found that VTX with pit mode become popular but it’s so expensive in the fpv market.

In fact, it’s easy to solve the interference problem between the VTX of racers: to add a “0” power on the VTX, when you need to change the channel or band, just change the VTX to “0” power status. Besides, to add this change on the VTX is very easy for us.

But it seems that the Pit Mode seems high-technology, let’s see how it works:

Pit mode was introduced successfully at the FPVAirShow in France. Pit mode transmits a tiny amount of power on a pre-defined frequency to allow for quad setup at a race event without disrupting the show. Pit mode on the TrampHV is a little different than other offerings, being controlled by race directors transparently at drone races. A race director can stay legal by choosing a pit frequency authorized for use at the event, which can be different for events in different regions.

Our Design:

  1. 72 ch
  2. pit mode
  3. 9 power levels: 1) 0.01mW 2) 5mW 3)25mW 4)50mW 5)100mW 6)200mW 7)400mW 8)600mW 9) 800mW

When changing the power, ch or band, the power level of the VTX will automatically jump to 0.01mW, a few seconds later back to the level you set. This is what we called “Pit mode”

If you have any new ideas about vtx, leave comment here.