64 bit Windows 10 and the Omnibus

I’m in a bad situation in that I’ve had a bad crash and my motors are going mad. I raise the throttle and motors are all over the place, starting and then just going straight to full throttle. The crash has managed to damage the tops of the threaded shaft of all the motors, they’re Racerstars that have something like an ordinary nut, exposing the shaft thread ends. On top of this I’ve just got a new PC with 64 bit Windows 10 and I can’t get Betaflight to open the Omnibus. I’ve installed all the drivers, the 3 listed on the opening page, Zadig’d my VCP etc. Is there a problem with 64 bit, my last one was 32 bit and had no problems or is it the smash. The lights and beeps seem OK.

That is strange, I am using 64bit with does and don’t have any problems with betaflight. One thing to consider is that you did install 64bit drivers? Also have you given chrome/betaflight admin privileges so that it can access your com port?

Are you able to test it on your old pc to confirm that tits not the omnibus that is faulty?

No unfortunately but I did just use the exe’s from the download folder I copied over, assuming it wouldn’t install the wrong ones.

I’ve just opened all 3 driver directs on the opening page of Betaflight and there doesn’t seem to be any specific 64 bit drivers. Is there something I’m missing? I’m no computer guru but I can generally get about.

Every time I try to connect Betaflight says it successfully opened the serial port and gives an ID count increasing by 1 each time. Device manager says Port_#0002.Hub_#0001 for STM VCP but Betaflight is opening Port 1.

I just plugged a Skyline 32, flashed it with Betaflight and set it up. At least I’ll have a fligher tomorrow. I’ve ordered another Omnibus off Unmanned, if it turns out this one’s ok then I’ve got my eye on a new frame.

Just figured what you mean by the 64 bit driver I think. I went into program files and ran the x64 exe VCP. No difference.

To be honest I did ask early but it was late on and I thought it best to get a bit of advice in early. I’m considering installing 32 bit on this as it’s just a 2G tablet, Asus Transformer T101HA as I don’t think it’s powerful enough to fully use 64 bit. I looked in PC World yesterday and 64 bit comes on everything now. I know it’s not powerful in the least but it does what I need.

The other thing you can try is to use zadig to load the winusb drivers as that is what I have to do to get any of these boards that use a vcp driver. I have a guide for that here:

Thanks for all your work there. It’s an Unmanned Tech board but I don’t think it’s their fault. I used Zadig and I went into Program files and ran the x64 exe, non of them made a difference. It wasn’t such a bad crash though it did break 2 of the standoffs.
I agree that it’s probably a driver problem, just a shame that I never got the chance to plug it into this new PC while it was working. I think my new Omnibus might come tomorrow so all your instructions will be put to good use. Once I have one that I’m relatively sure is a good one it will be a lot easier. Hopefully, I’ll end up with 2 Omnibus’s and I’ll have to buy this new frame I’ve seen. The 2 front arms come off the bottom plate while the 2 rear arms come off the top plate.

Do you think, even though it has flown and connected to my 32bit PC loads of times it might need the firnware reflashing? I never had to press the button before to connect.

If the board is flying well, then there no particular reason to reflash the firmware (unless you want to latest version)

The boot button is only something you need to press for the board to be flashed with new firwmare. When you press the button and hold it in before you give the board power it tells the MCU to enter bootloader mode so that it can be flashed with new firmware. When connecting the board to change settings then this is not needed.

If your board is working ok, and not getting hot when just plugged in via USB then im 99.9% sure its just a driver/PC issue. I have bashed my head against the wall a few times trying to program a new FC, but usualy turns out to be a driver issue

Well I was getting nowhere with the new or old Omnibus and then someone introduced me to a marvelous bit of software called the ImpulseRC Driver Fixer and all was sorted. The new Omnibus connected to the PC and I flashed it, the older one that was in the crash though doesn’t work so I’m swapping boards. I’ll just have to get another one for my new frame. There’s one called the Kombini everyone’s talking about. You don’t need a PDB which is annoying since the frame I have my eye on comes with one. ImpulseRC is well worth knowing about.

This little trick about ImpulseRC Driver fixed all my problems as well. I am using Windows 10, an Aurora 100 drone using OMNIBUS FC. I was not able to load new firmware until your tip was found by a google search. Changing parameters worked just fine, but no way that I could load new firmware. Until now! :smile:
Thanks for sharing your findings!