2217Q vs MT2213 Brushless Motors for Heavy(ish) Duty Hexacopter

I’m pretty new to the whole UAV and drone scene and this is hopefully going to be my first build.

I want to build a hexacopter which is capable of carrying heavy(ish!) payloads (or more batteries), but when not carrying anything extra is a pretty fast and nimble machine. I think this is possible, but I’m not sure which of these two motors are best? (or any others which I should be using!) The 2217Q or the MT2213 available from the unmannedtech.co.uk website, and which props would work better.

When I say heavyish, I mean something like a smaller DSLR (possibly) or more batteries. Once decided on the motors to use, I can then choose the recommended ESCs

Thanks! :slight_smile:

If you are planning to carry something like a DSLR camera (1Kg +) you will need to use fairly large motors. We will soon have a bunch of new multicopter motors one of wich is designed for lifting heavy loads such as DSLR camera and uses a 15inch prop, you can see some more info in a recent post.

In general you want to be able to achieve hover at less than 70% throttle (the lower the better) so thats something to bear in mind when choosing your motors/props.

  • MT2213 motors are great, as they are relatively cheap, but they are not the best if you want to carry heavy loads as they only produce about 860g thrust each and would not be recommended for a DSLR rig. You will need to use a 20A ESC with this motor.

  • The 2217Q motors with 12x45 props and 4S battery will produce a maximum thrust of 1380g which is over 6Kg on a hexacopter, which is enough to carry a heavier camera. If you dont plan to use a camera there will be plenty of extra power to go fast, and also get some decent flight times, so that would be my recommendation for now. You will need to use a 30A ESC with this motor.

Hope that helps, and if you have any other questions please let me know!

Ah, lovely, thank you. That really helps :slight_smile:

When you say a 4S battery, would that be the one battery for all the motors and electronics or is it worth having more than one and spreading out the power by either linking them (parallel…) up to provide more power or having 3 on one and 3 on the other for example?

(Bearing in mind the longer the flight time the better :wink: )

Cheers for the help!

In general its easier just to use a single large battery as it keeps things simple. But if you want to use more than one, you can connect them in parallel, Using more than one can be useful if you want to charge both batteries at the same time, and if you dont have space to mount a single large one.

The main thin that dictates flight time is the capacity of the batteries, so it could be one 5000mah battery, or 2x 2500mah should both have the same flight time.