2212Q Motors - Beeping


Was just wondering if anyone knows what the beep codes mean for the 2212Q, 850Kv motors. Pre and Post arming, they omit a range of different beeps, and would be interesting to know what they mean.

Many Thanks

The sounds will depend on what ESC you are using. If you can let me know I should be able to provide a list of what the beeps mean. Are you using a pixhawk by any chance? Then usually your ESC’s will give out a no-signal tone until you press the arm switch on your pixhawk.

Hello, its a pixhawk with the 4 in 1 Quattro esc. The motors beep pre and post arming. A beep quide would be most helpful. Ty

Any thoughts on this at all?

Apologies for the delays in getting back to you :clock8: , things have been rather busy this week. I have looked around and the only beep guide that we have is one for the programming menu. However if you can send me a video showing the ESC beeping I should be able to tell you what is going on. Have you completed the ESC calibration procedure?
Here is the table for the programming mode for the 4 in 1 ESC.

However what should happen after plugging in the battery you should hear a short beep once a second (indicates the ESC’s are not receiving any signal). But once you press the safety switch on your pixhawk you should hear the musical tone and the beeping should go away.


Its definitely the motors themselves that beep. If there is any further clarity you could share I would be most interested.

many Thanks

This should help as someone had a similar issue and it turns out to be an issue with the pixhawk and ESC firmware, but there is an update which fixes it.

Thanks for this! appart from the beeping, does it impact the working of the motors? Been having weird problems with pixhawk since november last year when I started building my drone

I don’t think it changes anything other than the startup bug.

What issues are you having with your pixhawk/ motors? If you can let me know I should be able to help

Well sometimes it tries to arm soon as its turned on, but mainly i simply cannot arm is. Ive run the calibraiton in mission planner for the tarannis, seems fine. I press and hold the safetly button to begin arming, that seems ok, then I try to arm with the Tarannis, but nothing happens. Not even the tpyical sound that plays when it fails to arm.

BTW in this video (made for another post) you can hear the beeping I am talking about:

It now tried to ARM. I had the throttle in reverse. Fails to arm now due to compass, but this is being tackled on another thread.

I have just ordered the USB thing so I can flash the ESC. Should the motors stop beeping then?


Yes that is what the new firmware fixes :slight_smile:

I am having a similar issue but cannot watch the video to confirm. Did this get resolved?