2018 is the year of the micro quad?

2018 is the year of the micro quad? What’s your opinion?

Yes, I tend to agree.

  • The upcoming UK registration/legislation will push people to smaller and lighter machines
  • We are already seeing a bit of a decline in the Drone Racing bubble, RADIO C one of the first suppliers in this field is closing down.
  • I think it will split into hobbyists with micros and the professional airborne photographers operating a commercial business

Steve :slight_smile:

Yep, I do agree especialy if the registration for drones above 250g comes into affect.

Micro quads are getting better and better all the time, and the fact that they are cheaper to build only adds to their popularity. The only downside compared to a larger quad is the shorter flight times, but even that is improving with better micro quad props and motors… I think soon the only reason to have a 200+ size quad will be to use HD FPV (if that does actually become a thing in 2018, as even though there are some new HD options, its still way more expensive than analogue)

Good point! So 2018 will be the new year for FPV