10 best drone photography images this year

Dronestragram (instagram but for drones) :camera: have recently announced the winners of this years drone photography competition. The winners where chosen by The deputy director of photography from National Geographic, along with a few other editors from Nat Geo and Dronestagram. With over 5000 entries the judges where looking for creativity and photographic quality with respect to the category.

The contest was divided into 3 categories:

  • Places :city_sunrise:
  • Nature :mount_fuji:
  • Popular (most liked) :sunglasses:

Overall the winning photos are truly impressive :slight_smile:

1st Prize Winner – Category Places :city_sunrise: : Above the mist by Ricardo Matiello

1st Prize Winner – Category Nature :mount_fuji: : Snorkeling with sharks by Tahitiflyshoot

2nd Prize Winner – Category places :city_sunrise: : Mont-Saint-Michel, by Wanaiifilms

2nd Prize Winner – Category Nature :mount_fuji: : La Jolla by kdilliard

3rd Prize Winner – Category places :city_sunrise: : Tulip fileds byAnders@andersa.com

3rd Prize Winner – Category Nature :mount_fuji: : Lost island, Tahaa, French Polynesia, by Marama Photo Video

1st Prize Winner – Category Dronies: Where’s Wally, Limassol Carnaval, Cyprus by FlyovermediaCy

1st Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Above the mist by Ricardo Matiello

2nd Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Plovidv by night, Bulgaria by Ice Fire

3rd Prize Winner – Popular Prizes (most liked picture): Glorieto Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico by Wootsor

If you want to see more awesome drone aerial photographs head over to dronestagram and if you have or find any cool photos you particularly like share them below!

Some great photos, here is a cool shot I saw on facebook, taken by Terry Hill. Who would think the M25 Cobham Services could look so pretty?

Here are a a few more awesome aerial photos taken this year…

Above the Xiwei Reservoir, Zoucheng, Shandong, in China

by AmbroseLune

Christ the Redeemer from above, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

by Alexandre Salem

Amalfi, Italy

by Dronarium

An aerial shot of Lake Turgoyak, in Miass, Russian Federation

by Maksim Tarasov