Which material is usually used to build Drone outer part?


Hello :slight_smile:

I would like to build a custom transition quadcopter… [vertical take off, and then glide]

if you see above link… I’m interested in “Observer VTOL Hybrid”
but I can’t afford 7000$ for a single drone unit. so, i want to custom build it. part by part.

  • What material usually used to build such outer parts? [wings, body]

  • how much would it cost if I want to buy a body like that directly? [it’s transition quadcopter.]

  • how anyone usually builds such a body? 3d printing ? or like woodwork - take the material and custom cut it?

Wingspan: 1980mm
length: 1170mm
wing area: 55 db2

All of those wings they offer are made from wood foam… and they get their airfares from a company called Skywalker UAV, and the observer is the Skywalker X5. Websites like banggood ams fpvmodel sell them for about $100 from China.

To be honest I would not buy those drones as that company at that price. They just use off the shelf parts that you can buy for only about $500 if you build it yourself.

airfares? maybe airframe