Which drone should I choose

I am planning to choose a farming project for ny Final year Project , And I choose drone but specifically what should my drone do? I m thinking of pesticide spraying. Any other ideas if you have??

Harvesting wheat? It’d make a great crop cutter :joy:

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Practically, drones don’t carry much or fly far or for a long time, crop sprayers have to carry heavy liquid.

You could use for seed scatter or to scare birds or searching for livestock you may also be able to round up the odd sheep, can’t be of much help really.

Try looking at the DJI Agras MG-1 its expensive but do try taking in some inspiration.You could maybe use an octacopter setup with low kv motors and making custom frame(carbon fibre plates/tubes
and using 3d printed parts?).Setting up initial designs whether the project is feasible and cost effective for the grade your trying to achieve?.