What tx for ArduPilot Mega v2.6?

about to start building a new hex…

what would be the ideal tx to use with ArduPilot Mega v2.6 flight controller?
more to the point can I use a devo7E?


Hey, I would say device 7 is a great receiver to use in general especially if you have one already. However is there any reason you are using an APM 2.6 instead of pixhawk?

money tbh! this is my first build, so I’m keeping costs down as much as possible, and trying to do as little soldering as possible…

will the APM 2.8 work with the devo 7E out of the box, or will I need to fit a different module?


Fair enough point, and smart not to go all out on your first drone build :moneybag: :boom:.

Yes the APM 2.8 will work just fine with the devo 7E

Yes, works but with a PPM encoder .Dont’ Forget that !!!

You dont need a PPM encoder for APM as it accepts PWM inputs. Bit if your receiver outputs PPM i would suggest using it as its much easier to connect as APM also accepts PPM if you short inputs 2 and 3.

Its the more recent flight controllers like Pixhawk that need a PPM encoder (if your receiver is only PWM) as Pixhawk does not accept PWM inputs directly, only SBUS or PPM.

Yes, you’re right ! I made a mistake with my boards because I only use Pixhawk, Pixhack or MiniPixhawk.
That’s the reason I use PPM encoders with my Devo F7 transmitter vs Devo RX receivers.
APM as direct PWM inputs.
Thank you for your remark.

blank looks here! I have a devo RX701 receiver, which seemed to make sense - matches the tx, is this PPM or PWM? there is absolutely no information on the packaging :smiley:

and if it is PPM where would I get my hands on a 2 pin jumper?


I believe the RX701 is only a PWM receiver (but I could be wrong as I dont own one)

By default it should be in PWM mode, so each channel requires a cable to the APM board.