What is DJI select 💸, and why would you pay for it?



DJI select is a new membership that DJI are offering (to try get even more money from customers)…

It is usualy $99 per year (or $29 for a limited time), and what do you get for this? Not much to be honest, you get to buy new DJI drones before non select members, and you get prioritised shipping for your orders. You also get a bunch of 20% discount coupons for DJI accessories, The only real reason to join is if you crash alot and need to take advantage of the DJI care packages (you get 50% off as a select member)

The biggest catch is that you can only buy this membership for about a month after you buy a new drone from the DJI website. So if you have already been a very loyal customer over the years and purchased a bunch of drones from them… sorry you need to buy another one…

Am I missing something here? What do you think?


sounds like a load crap