Velocidrone Challenge #1 - knife edge

So thanks to SkareKrow over on our discord server, we have decided to do a bunch of challenges in velocidrone to test our skills.

Use the in game DVR to show us that you have done it in the comments to get some kudo :+1:. If you particularly like someone’s videos give it a heart and the one with the most :heartbeat: wins

The first challenge is to knife edge this building on the city map

Velocidrone looks awesome u guys make it look soo easy. Thx for post as didn’t realize there was even fpv sims. Downloaded trial to see if it will run on my laptop on low settings it looks pretty cool lot beta than i thought. Good fps but freezes up after a while will look at laptop see if i got other stuff slowing her down. But do really like the sim could see a gaming pc going on my bday list. Liking drone trest too soo much great info. My club is mainly fixed wings but have liked my multirotors as much as planes but only fly los velocidrone will pay for its elf even if i buy a pc to run it :wink:

Don’t larf…Sorted it u will never guess what it was! Trail you get one quad one map well i never read the pop up b4 the map screen clearly says 3mins limited flight and defaults back to main screen lol oh well i have a cleaner running laptop and can go buy Velocidrone now :slight_smile:
Have fun :grinning:

Downloading will post the challenge later lol :slight_smile: