Unmannedtech BL Heli ESC Programming

Hi. I’m looking at getting a pixhawk eventually and read that a lot of the esc’s that run SimonK firmware have had issues with it.

Due to this I thought I’d buy the 30A BL Heli ESC on unmannedtech so I wouldn’t need to repurchase them later.

I was just wondering if there is a programming card that can be used with the unmannedtech BL Heli ESC. If not does the programming have to be done via the transmitter then by plugging it directly into the esc or can it be done via USB? Do they need to be programmed before flight?



You will need to program the ESC via your transmitter, however they ship with the firmware configured for multi copters and just need to you calibrate the throttle range with your transmitter.

I suggest you have a look at the BL Heli programming manual for the various options you can change.