Thoughts on my drone specs

Hi im Tim and im building my drone rn…
Its a hexacopter in a y6 config, here are the specs:

-sp f3 dof 10 flight controller
-6x multistar V-spec 1808-2400kv motors
-6x racerstar RS30A lite brushless esc
-Matek pdb
-musquito reptile 400mm tricopter frame
-flysky fs-i6 with standard reciever
-6xprops 10x45
-weight: ~1.3kg

-gps module (?)
-3axis gimbal
-gopro hero 7

EXTRA’S (computers) on the drone
-2x Esp2102 (same as arduino but smaller)
-8 wifi camera’s
-8 led lights (beacon, nav, landing)

This drone needs to be fully modulair, i will use this drone to test upcoming drone’s…
So i need to how much this drone can carry
An can it even liftoff?
Any ideas?

Greetings -tim

i have a feeling you are gonna be doing autonomy testing with this, first get rid if just about everything with that build, (sorry).
that currently will not lift off to put it the short way.
those motors are ancient and an f3 for this is a bad idea especially as they are loosing support now.
If you jump in the dronetrest discord i can talk this over and i can guide you through it.
(the little ghost thing to the right of the search at the top)

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yep agree there the F3 board is lagging behind with firmware now, and those motors are way to small for those 10X45 props.