The perfect sized quad?

So I’ve been flying quads and FPV for little under a year now and have gone through a few different size quads. At first I thought the Nighthawk Pro 280 was too large but have grown to like it a lot on 5" props.

On the other hand, I seriously love my 90mm and 110mm micro indoor quads, despite the brushled motors being a tad lacklustre.

I’ve also had a few inbetweens and had massively different thoughts about them.

So here’s a thought for you all, what’s the perfect sized quad for you? And with which sized prop?
Personally I’m leaning towards 200-220 size with 5" props. I know a lot of YouTube flyers favour this category too and was wondering what the popular opinion is and why

210 frames or x frames that can handle 5 inch props are very popular. This is because they have a good weight to power ratio. Tri blade props are also very popular at the moment. By being the smallest and lightest they can be to handle 5 inch they are real power houses. They combine the agility in the corners with high end speeds on the straights. There is always going to be arguments with what’s best but it is really down to personal perfrence. 3-4 bladed props have a real bite in the corners with good straight line speeds. Hope this helps… As I say it is really personal preference, and your flying style!

Right now I think the perfect size is 90/70mm, can fly FPV indoors around the house so you dont need to get cold :stuck_out_tongue:

But otherwise I think the smallest frame you can get whilst still using 5 inch props is the best size in general @Ollys said.