Swell Pro Splash Waterproof Drone Review 🌊


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Electronics and water are two things that should be kept far apart unless you have the splash drone from swell pro. This is an IP67 waterproof drone that rocks a 4k camera on a 2 axis brushless gimbal (and yes, the camera and gimbal are also waterproof). This is something a bit different when it comes to drones but the…


Really nice,
however i would rather avoid the water and take a really good Drone from Dji :wink:


Anyway my problem is trees not water :rofl:
Steve :slight_smile:


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I saw this post and there are few things in my opinion that are not quite correct.
First, the AUTO drone version costs 1699$, however the fishing edition cost 1399$. For example here.
Moreover, regarding the comments by Stevie and Luca, waterproof drone is not only good for sea, think that you can film in any weather condition! rain, snow and etc’… We cannot count how many people lost their drones in water till today.
It is not comparable to DJI. I am not saying that DJI is not good. Not at all! there are great drones by DJI. But for the same amount of money and features (RTH, Follow Me and…), I don’t find a good reason to risk my drone.

Aharon :sunglasses: