SP3 MWOSD on Chrome - Issue with settings

Hello all, relatively new to using OSD’s

I picked up an SP3 VTX which is running MWOSD 1.6. I tried to find the program but it keeps pointing me back to the chrome app. I added the free version and everything is fine. I’m able to edit all the elements etc.

The issue I’m having is this: The callsign will show for maybe 3 seconds, and then disappear. It will re-appear about a minute later for 3 seconds, and then disappear again. It does this over and over. I’ve tried to find a solution, but people keep talking about using the software as a stand alone (not on Chrome) but I can’t seem to find the software?

Is there any way to get the callsign to always show using the Chrome app? Or do I need to save settings as a .json and find a way to edit that and re-load it?