Scratch Build - T-Motor F7 Stack - F7 FC, F45A V2 3-6S 4-in-1 ESC Combo

Hey guys, the highly confused person. I have watched many, many videos, read the pinouts and I’m impressed with this flight controller, so many different ways to connect things but… specifically I would like to connect the camera (RunCam Split 3 Mini), transmitter (TBS Unify EVO) and receiver (FS-iA6B) to the T-Motor F7 FC in such a way as to not fry this slightly expensive wonder. I don’t have a problem with soldering big or small. Although this is my first build, I have gotten to a custom 3D printed carbon fiber frame with motors the 4 in 1 esc wired and soldered. I have included a diagram for connections and pic of work in progress. I would greatly appreciate anyone who would add to the diagram as to the best way to connect wires, please. Powered up and TBS Unify EVO no power? Checked connections and were good?