Scout X4 Motor lock/unlock and transmitter strength issues

I have been playing with my Scout x4 for a few weeks now and loving it! but i find sometimes i cannot get the motors to unlock at the start of a flight sometimes and the only way i can get it to unlock is to carry out a compass calibration…then it unlocks! am i doing something wrong here? do you need to lock the motors before powering off?

Also i have found the range of flying before the controller loses signal is not great (video is still perfect). can you give me advise or a link to your site on how to upgrade my TX RX for controller to drone strength increase? Im happy to be upgrading to make it better!



Hi, you should not need to calibrate the compass each time you arm your scout X4, so my suggestion would be first disarm the motors before you power off as during this process your scout X4 will save the updated compass parameters.

As for the range of the controller, can you please make sure you have attached the antenna properly, what sort of range are you getting?

I will look at the range on the controller and let you know. Is it ok to test to the point where it loses signal?