Rover flight control

Hi I am trying to choose a flight control for a rover not a drone. There seems many options but as I want to follow the guides in ardupilot rover then the pixhawk 4 seems preferred as that’s what they use to show you connections. There seem to be many knockoffs out there and even on unmanned two choices currently available one unmanned own pixhawk and the other the holybee original. When priced out they come to the same around £160 with gps and power so its not clear to me why offer another the same price? After reading lots of forums the pixracer might work for me and its powered by usb block which I like but being fairly new not sure how this compares. Bottom line is £160 is a lot for me any suggestions on alternative routes?

I have a robotic rover, ugv,whatever… with hud, pan/tilt geo-stabilized,arduino due,computer, Ros,it scan in 3d etc, etc.
You have 3 cheap options two control de Rover with GCS.
Ardurover and librepilot.
-with CC3D revolution included the mini version, you can flash both. 40£ aprox. Ardupilot works under chibios HAL, check ardurover wiki.
-if you want the cheaper way to get a native ardurover, the way is Radiolink Mini Pix over 40£. Same functions that the full board and pixracer.32bit F4 based. It’s support ardurover with chibios and radiolink ardupilot branch.

I have all of them, I dont use ardurover. Yeah, it have autonomous driving but to much limited. If you want something serious, the way is companion computer with ROS or better ROS2 when it be ready.7180

very nice any footage of it in action?

Im very bad with social networks, I had some videos I can try share someone

Akrae, thanks for the info and pics, the rover looks great. I tried ROS but I found it very hard work. I got it running Ok but could not actually get a robot in Gazebo at all working. My bad, just keep having trouble with the complexity of “you have to use ubunto 14.0.3 and unbuntu 14.0.4 doesn’t work” (made up names) and ROS 14 only works with this version and not with that. There is a company putting ROS on hardware and that might be easier.
It is hard for me to judge the suitability of mission planner until I’ve tried it. I want a rover to leave base, run say 20 gps points and return to self charge mission accomplished with no input from me. If MP can do that fine.
I have a pi 0w which currently drives it manually and I looked at Erle mini board which acts like a hat I think so maybe that’s a way forward keeping the pi as a companion?

OK I checked radiolink mini pix and a lot of people are saying it is not standard ardupilot and cannot run standard mission planner which is a bit of a concern. I will look at the openpilot cc3d stuff though as I did not know there was another way forward. I had looked at libre (openpilot now) and did not really think gps waypoints were well supported. thanks

To make a robot to have odemetey enough precise to self charge, probably you will need support of encoders in motors or wheels, as the GPS, or visual odometry won’t be enough. I don’t know what kind of system is used to selfcharge, if wireless,or via contacts, should be interesting for me to know.
If you gonna selfcharge, don’t use lipo batteries due to hi probability of over discharge.
If you are thinking in to add vslam,monocular odometry etc, I just can think in 4 boards,and for me must to be usb 3.0 ready. The boards are le potato, anyone udoo with usb3.0, Intel/Asus up board and nvidia. For me le potato+arduino due, or udoo are the chepper options and so capables like the other two more expensives. But you will find more suppoer in nvidea and intel boards.
I finished the robot and have ros, and rtabmap but I didnt try program or use gazebo,rviz yet.Just I installed ROS and Rtabmap, but I need improve the wiring, change the ssd 120gb that broke, and more things. This is a hobby, I dont have knoledges of linux, programing,desing,maths,3d printing… I dont have any formation and from this point will be very difficult give a step foward. Even I request make a group in different places.

Any help you need , anything you need test in my robot, if you need use my robot, just ask me.

That info is wrong I think. It runs native ardupilot over chibios HAL, like CC3D or AB pro V3.
I read too that will support the official ardupilot.
Even with the Radiolink ardupilot you won’t have any difference in your projectb,there is not difference between them. You can ask to Radiolink in the support line, and there is info overthere just is find it.

Openpilot is now LibrePilot. CC3D revo. can run native ardupilot too under chibios HAL (as RL Mini pix.)
CC3D mini rev. Support dataloging with SD with some modifications.
Librepilot dont support waypoints navigation. Is just to control the rover and gimbal. For me is fine, but need wp nav, and you need ardurover, no problem, you can use that 4 boards. CC3D revo,CC3D mini Revo, Omnibus F4 Pro V3, RadioLink Minipix. For 40£ with board,PDB,I2C spliter,Power swich,buzzer and a nice gps, with cases, Mwosd by futher 7£, is the way.3DR telemetry is another nice point, with CC3D revo. you will lose the Builtin radio telemetry.