Reloading Firmware in Jumper T16

Good day all, I’m new to all this so please dont laugh
I have just bought a Jumper T16, and it doesn’t seem to be working properly, so Unmanned have suggested before a return reload the firmware. I have done this on other things like flight controllers but before I mess things up would like to check some things?

  • Where is best place to get the S/W I have I think found latest on Open Tx site and should I use latest version or the version already on the radio?

  • Is it best to load straight onto SD card, and is there anything I need to do to do that?

  • There are 2 USB ports on the radio, are they the same? one on the radio and one on the tx module?

  • Can anyone point to some instructions for doing this ?

Thanks for all your help in advance

Cheers guys

@unmannedtech1 your a jumper guy?

This video should help

But it seems that the jumper firmware files can’t be downloaded, so if you reply to the support ticket we can send you the firmware files there.

THanks, what support ticket ? where ??

:stuck_out_tongue: I assumed you sent us a support request about this. I have asked Jumper to send me the latest files so once I get them will try remember to post them here… if not just mention me in a few days and I will get them