Quattro 4 in 1 Esc Latest Firmware

Hi, can anybody give me a link to the latest firmware for the Quattro 4 in 1. I’m a the stage of pulling my hair out. Being a bit of a stubborn old git trying this way and that to calibrate it, my wife says I need help. heh
I have ordered a Quattro usb esc linker from ebay enabling me to update the firmware. Sh… the cat has just chewed on the end of one of the props.
Any help or advice would greatly appreciated and you never know one day it may fly.
Thanks for reading, Jimmy.

It might not be a firmware issue as the firmware had not needed to be updated for some time now. However once you have the USB device you will be able to connect to your PC to calibrate them that way which might be easier.

Otherwise is there any change you are using the ESC with a pixhawk system? If so you probably want to update the firmware to a pixhawk specific firmware which you can download here - Quattro ESC enters programming mode with Pixhawk - #2 by unmannedtech1

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your reply. I wont be doing anything with the quadcopter until Tuesday when the gizmo hopefully arrives. :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
the linker arrived today. I have downloaded the firmware update but there is no update program with it. Where can I get the unmannedtech brushless software usb link v_1.00 software to update the firmware ?

You can download the software here

Thanks Alex. I’ve hit a problem, The update file is a .HGA File and the program won’t accept it. I’ve noticed the existing file that came with the program download is a .cfg file and will only accept config files, so I’m stumped.

Hi Alex,
eventually got it to the stage of pressing the update button, I proceeded to press the button, it started to update the file and then to my horror it disconnected itself half way through and came up with a file error message. I may be new to the drones scene but I am computer savvy and the esc would now seem to be bricked, that is unless there is a back door remedy.
I know you said that the esc should have not needed to be calibrated but 2 props were starting before the other 2 and on its 1st flight it did not get of the ground as it flipped straight over smashing 1 of the props. The props were running at different speeds.
I’m at the stage now whether to go and get separate esc’s and dumping the 4 in1.
Regard’s, Jimmy

Sorry to hear about that, and that is indeed quite strange, was the ESC connected via battery power and was the battery fully charged? However if you purchased the 4in1 ESC from us just send us an email with your order number and we should be able to get this fixed for you.

Hi Alex,
I was using a 3s 8,000 mah battery and the charger reads it’s 92% charged. It was indeed strange as I’ve updated firmware on lots of different items and this is a first.
Thank you for your offer of which I might take you up on.
Regards, Jimmy.

Hi Alex,
can you send me an address to post it to please.
Thank you, Jimmy.

Could you send an email to support with your order number and we can create an RMA for you.

Alex I have sent 2 emails with my order number through support. It seems though that the 1st one didn’t get through.

Did you ever receive a autoreply back confirming we received your email for the first one, as maybe you typed your email address wrong?

Otherwise I believe we have replaced the ESC for you.

I only got the 2nd email and since then you have sent me a replacement Quattro.
I am over the moon with it. I must say you have a great customer service.
Many many thank’s.
One happy old geezer. Jimmy.

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