Quattro 30Ax4 ESC setup

Hi - In anticipation of setting up my Quattro 30Ax4 ESC with unmanned MT 3510 600kv motors with suggested 15x55 CF props:

I have purchased the USB Link board from you as it looked easier than the remote procedures. I have the link to the software on your site.

Do you have recommended setting for this build:
Motor Timing: Low, Med, High
Switching Frequency: Low, High
Acceleration Starts up: Very Soft, Soft acc, Smart acc
Motor Rotation: as req’d
Throttle Value: ???

Do I need to do this for each of the 4 ESC’s?
Is it also correct that I will need to do the auto throttle calibration in addition to the above settings as in Step II Setting the Automatic Throttle Calibration laid out in the small instruction leaflet that came with the ESC

Here are the suggested settings

Timing - Med
Switching frequency - high
Acceleration - Smart Acc (highest setting)
Throttle value - does not matter, just set them to be all the same, as this is what you will calibrate within pixhawk/ your flight controller.

You will need to do this for each of the 4 ESC.

As for auto calibration this will overwrite any setting you set on the software which will be done when you set this up with you flight controller. If you are using pixhawk just let me know and I can send a video on how to do ESC calibration.