QAV ZMR 250 Assembly Build Guide




Mini USB fits, most if not all boards.


Thanks for the great beginner guide. Finally finished a very similar build. I was wondering about the 5v power source for the flight controller. Is having all 4 5v power connectors connected from the ESC’s OK or is only one of the ESC’s actually providing power? Thanks again.


I’ve heard its ok and the FCs can take it…

But then its always been recommended to me to only connect one and not put the extra power into the FC if its not needed.

So my advice would be just to have 1 5v input powering the FC


This is an interesting point as I agree most FC can handle this now days. But if your ESC use a switching regulator they can actually cause some interference with one another and result in a voltage brownout which can cause the voltage to drop below 5v momentarily, causing the FC to turn off.

Good this is that nowadays 99% of ESC used for quadcopters use linear regulators so this is not a problem. But it’s always better to rather only have one power source for your fc