QAV210 Quadcopter Build Guide

Welcome to this beginners guide which takes you through the (sometime torturous) process of putting some equipment together in a certain order that should result in a fully functional this case, the QAV210 DIY Quadcopter Kit.

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Hi, great post. As a complete novice I could follow the instructions to build the drone. I am having some trouble getting it flying though as I am struggling to bind the radio receiver to the transmitter and get the rx and tx to work together once the tx is wired as shown in the post. I am looking for some advice and instructions on this part of the build, any help would be appreciated!

Sam is working on a configuration guide, but for now i suggest you check out the wizard setup guide as they are both very similar and use the same flight controller.

Hi, agree with Dan about the guide. Easy to follow and my kit is now built. I seem to also have an issue with my Rx Tx.
Using latest firmware from cleanflight (have also tried older versions) I can only get my 2 aux channels working. Throttle appears on Aux3 and no other function is responding, no movement on pitch, roll or yaw. Checked and double checked the wiring but now I’m stuck. If anyone can help I’d appreciate it muchly!

***update ***
sorry to take so long to update but I did fix this, with the help of youtube ( found another video for wiring the Rx differently to the guide and that worked for me.

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Could you update the written guide as seems there are some pics missing and they cannot be displayed?

for example: " "
" "
and some more

Many thanks!

Apologies for the delay, but I have now fixed those missing images :slight_smile: