Q800 Hexacopter CF Frame Vibration problem

I am trying to make a hexacopter using a carbon fiber frame q800, i had purchesed that frame from unmanned tech now i am getting a problem with it one of my arm is vibrating while the copter is about to take off i had chacked the vibration level as guided on copter.ardupilot.com that is normal as it should be and the frame is also assembled very properly can i get some suggestion how can i reduce that vibration problem

I have already answered you via email, but incase anyone else is interested I have copied my reply below:

If one of the arms are vibrating I suggest yuo first check that your props and motors are properly balanced. Also the max takeoff weight of the q800 its about 2.5-3Kg.

Also I would also suggest that you double check all the screws are securely fastened as if one of them are loose that can also cause some vibration on your frame

i had already checked all the screw are fastened very well the main problem is that when the copter is about to take off at that time one of my copter’s arm starts vibrating may be this is because of the motors or any other problem…

I think the first step would be to double check to make sure your propellers and motors are balanced properly. Also double check that the propellers are on correctly.

If you can share some pics or videos of the problem It might be easier to help you out.