Protocal Dronium One motor making high pitched noise noise

My Protocal Dronium One recently after we’ll just say a rough landing started making a high pitched noise int he motor and now whenever i go to take off the whole drone just drag itself towards that motor. The drone is un-flyable in its current state. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Im not familiar with this drone but looking at online pictures.

They look like brushed motors and they don’t last that long before they start to wear out.
either that or on the rough landing the motor / prop assembly got damaged.

Could there be any way to fix a brushless motor like this?

you maybe able to take the motor assembly apart and have a look for damage.

If you can get the motor spec you maybe able to replace the motor.
if you get the same motor it should be just a swap out and your done. ( I think )

@DoomedFPV Know any where to find the spec of motor for a drone like this?

Try this

for a start and see what you can find

If you turn the motor by hand is it binding , if so check the bell is not bent , take off bell and make sure all the magnets are still in place and that the bearings are not binding, most bells can be replaced and bearings, if the windings are damaged motors can be rewound but not for the novice .