PIXY WP | Tailored for Wiris Pro & Agro R

Pixy WP is the customized version of the Pixy series gimbal, tailored-made for Wiris Pro and Wiris Agro R to meet a range of commercial and industrial applications. Not just compatible with Pixhawk and DJI A3 FC, Pixy WP is well-built to support the M300 RTK drone via using gPort, empowering users to leverage superior advantages in inspections, mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, and more.

Apart from supporting drones using Pixhawk and DJI A3 FC, Pixy WP also allows you to integrate your payload with M300 RTK drone via gPort, adding more efficiency to your missions.

No balancing nor tuning required, Pixy WP gives you the superfast setup time within seconds, ready to plug and play with your drone easily.

Specifically made for WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Agro R, Pixy WP fully supports the powerful capabilities of these thermal sensors to play in the field of precision agriculture, mapping, surveying, and inspection.
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