Pixhawk 2 Delivery Updates

We are all keen to get our hands on the new Pixhawk 2 autopilots which where first scheduled to start shipping on September 28th, but things have been taking much longer than expected mainly due to adverse weather! The good news is that we can expect to have our first

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Hi, did your first batch of Pixhawk’s 2 arrive? I’m just asking as I haven’t received an email from your waiting list yet so I’m assuming you’re still waiting.

Thank you.

Hey, yes we did but they have all gone out to customers already. When did you add your email so I can look into this to check if there is a problem.

It was at the beginning of November. Not to worry as I’m sure I was last on the list. When are you expecting the second batch to arrive? Should I re-enter my email on the products waiting list?

@unmannedtech1 - Just in case you missed my last post. Do you know roughly when you’ll be receiving the second batch to arrive?

I will check with the factory today and let you know, but should be sometime mid December

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