Parts for the best fpv toolkit

So it is something we all are working on constantly, to get the ultimate collection or tools.
So let’s make a tool list for anyone who wants to get started with fpv, so let’s hear your suggestions on what should be in the ultimate fpv pilot toolkit. Add your suggestions and I can edit this post to make the complete list :slight_smile: .

Ps. Apart from being useful and sharing tips about the best tools, the second motive of this is so that we can sell a bundle kit at our store :grin:

Parts list

  • TS100 soldering iron with xt60 connector - it’s the best portable soldering iron around.
  • motor nut wrench - cheap but super handy
  • motor gripper pliers - use switch the motor nut wrench to save your fingers when changing props
  • multimeter - to check voltages and wriring

A circuit tester and or multi-meter.
Gotta ensure you are getting power where it needs, cause not all burn outs are obvious.

A bag of flour. Use it to stop fires without using water, preventing more Shorts.
Crack a bag of flour over it and it should smother most fires, giving time to yank the power cable, if possible.

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-magnetic tray
-wire cutters
-hex drivers
-prop tool
-heat shrink
-other stuff my brain can’t think of right now

smoke stopper
helping hands… or blue tack