New build/configuration/guide Long Range



Ok update time…

So I flashed the FC with BF4.0 #1238
And tried 7x4x3, 6x4x3 HQ Props and Emax AVAN 6x3.8x2 (bi blades)

The vibrations were still there :frowning:
really really bad with the EMAX AVAN props.

So I turned to Blackbox and Plasmatree for help ( thank god for blackbox logging onto a SD Card )

Now I’m no blackbox or plasmatree expert but even I know what I was looking at was bad…
Yellow = noise not getting filtered… lots of yellow = LOTS of noise.

So I posted it on Facebook for help and I was told…

taken from FB (Group Name - Betaflight BlackBox Log Review)
there is obviously two separate throttle dependent noise bands, a lower ranging from ~160Hz - ~300hz (though falls off @ 60% throttle), and a second higher ranging from ~300Hz to ~600Hz. Dyn notch is on as well as both lowpass and dterm lowpass filters, so honestly at this point I’d start looking for any mechanical issues and ways to reduce noise/vibes onto your gyro, paying close attention to whether something is touching your FC and whether it’s nicely floating on soft mounts, and then checking for rough motors, and/or bad props.

I took a good look at everything on the frame and noticed that even though the FC could move on the soft mounts… I loosened them more, much more.

And long behold…
It was much much better 100% better…
I would share some HD footage but my SD card decided it was going to take a dump.

My Blackbox and Plasmatree data still looks bad ( too me ) but it looked some much better in the FPV feed…

Weather permitting tomorrow…
I’ll go up again and get some HD footage.


Yeah it’s quite an easy thing to overlook, but glad you figured it out :slight_smile:


@DoomedFPV - thanks for posting. You’ve given me inspiration to do a long range build. I’ll be using iNav on a ChameleonTi 6" frame.


What sort of flight time were you getting and what batteries are you running.

I just tested a 6” dingo on the avan 6”long range props with 4s 1500mah and was getting flight times of 10mins landing at 3.5v/cell


I’m currently running

HQ 7x3.5x3 inch tri blades with 4S 1800mah lipo

I’ve had 8-9 minutes with light freestyle.

I was getting a lot of vibrations from the avan’s