Merry Christmas 2013!

I hope that you all have a merryChristmas and a happy new years. Hope that you all have a successful 2014 and hope to share some great stores and new products with you next year! Although this forum is still new and small, I just wanted to thank those who have been participating and I hope we can continue to grow!

For now I would like to say thanks by giving a small discount on any orders placed over the christmas period. Simply enter the coupon MerryChristmason your cart to get a discount! You will need to be logged in for teh coupon code to work.

Here are a bunch of other robotics Christmas videos for a bunch of robotics labs around the world. Who said that we robots cant celebrate Christmas? Perhaps one-day the elves will be out of a job if santa decides to replace them with robots.

Reindeer is so 4th Century. Good thing Santa is testing new delivery technologies, including drones. And you thought Amazon was cutting edge?

What happens when quadruped robots, flying robots, ground robots, and even a ball-balancing robot decide to have a Christmas party? This is what happens.

Nao wants to invite you to spend New Year’s Eve with him. Join the little humanoid in this interactive YouTube video and find out where you and Nao will end up.

As his elder elves go into retirement, Santa is considering using robots to improve productivity.

Did anyone say robots and productivity? Baxter wants to help Santa, too.

Kirobo, Japan’s space robot, wants to ask Santa for a present (fast forward to 2:02). Hope Santa can make that delivery.

The second one is the best :smiley: