Looking for a software engineer to team up for AgriTech competition

Hi all,

Agri Tech East organizes every year GROW, which is a competition for startups in the Agricultural sector.

This year we are competing to demonstrate the potential of a new UAV platform integrated to a multispectral camera.

We are in urgent need of teaming up with a software engineer, particularly with expertise on ardupilot to integrate the camera to the autopilot platform.

Anyone interested please let me know ASAP!



Are you looking at developing algorithms to analyse the multi-spectral images or rather a more front end developer to build the GUI/APP?


Many thanks for answering.

need to be able to manipulate the autopilot remotely, e.g. setting up a
flight schedule, program unscheduled flights, trigger our camera, etc.

I say remotely I mean far away. We are planning to build a take
off/landing platform for the drone a place it in a farm. We should be
able to control that system from our HQ.

Where are you based?