Looking for a programmable drone with a camera

Hello I’m looking for a drone that i can program for a school project. It needs to be the most customisable as possible.

Thank you in advance.

Could you please define the level of programmable you need? Basic auto pilot, GPS navigation, or full blown LIDAR and optical sensors and auto mapping and navigation?

As for customizable, what is your project? You can build a drone and put on a flight controller to handle just about any task, but the price tag will match.

Having an end goal in mind helps us help you.

The ultimate goal of my project is to create a drone that can land autonomously on a moving thing (like a car or a truck) with only the help of one marker (like an AprilTag) on the langing site.

Thank you for your time.

what I need tend more toward a full autonomous flight system on which I can program a control loop with a dynamic control of speed based on the speed of the target.

I suggest you take a look at the arducopter project as that would be my suggestion to start with. In terms of actual hardware… you can use just about any quadcopter and put a ardupilot compatible autopilot inside.

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A Alex said, arducopter will be best, along with any quadcopter that can handle it.

As for how, I would recommend a camera and lidar for your more precise motions. the camera can be used to visually follow the vehicle, as well as track with a large AprilTag on the roof as the point. As it gets closer, lidar can be used to refine the aproach, since it will provide more accurate range data, which can be extrapolated via the known speed of the drone, average distance read and so forth.

Best of luck.

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