Light Drone under 500g Challenge?

Hi there, i just realized that in my country are allowed drone under 500 g without been certified, i was already done with my choose for drone components but now i am looking for other light components , i found this video on yt with a drone that i like,

Have anyone some suggestions for a light and not very expensive drone parts and components, the 3d printed frame if good for drone or is heavier?
I am also wondering about choosing the ESC, if i have an installation that require 60A for example and i choose the ESC to have (60/4 = 15A x 1.2 = 18A About an 20A ESC will work) but the amperage need to be lower or higher than the battery amperage? the batt will have to be able to give more amperage than 60A but lower than 20 x 4 = 80 + amps for other electronics) ?

The battery mAh need to be 60000 mAh or the mAh mutiplied by the C rating ?
Watch my thorough closed forum where i didn’t get a practical example.

Alex :slightly_smiling_face:

The setup from the video looks fine to me.
The rating on the Escs does not mean that you need to be able to provide X amount of amps for the esc to work. It means that this is the highest the esc will go if possible.
You should choose your escs depending on your flying style (freestyle, racing etc.)
In general you wont do anything wrong with 30A escs.